Maha Rudra Kriya Meditation & Pranayam - Free Guided meditation & preparatory kriya for Himalayan meditation camp 2022

Maha Rudra Kriya meditation & pranayam -

Free Online Guided meditation & preparatory kriya for Himalayan meditation camp

Maha Rudra Kriya is a combination of very strong ancient techniques of yogic tradition and our Guru Shri Paroksh yogi ji was initiated into this technique by his Guru (an anonymous yogi) in Koteshwar Mahadev Cave temple, Rudraprayag Uttarakhand.

Maha Rudra Kriya helps you dive deep inside you, near the ultimate core and with regular practice you will feel many long term benefits.

This meditation starts with Rudra Kriya and Pranayam, but an added strong meditation of self introspection is added in the end due to which the whole kriya is called Maha Rudra Kriya.

Rudra kriya is a combination of ancient yogic techniques of Praanayam (breathing exercise), Naad Yog (Sound yog), Breathe witnessing and these are all very effective techniques for most types of mental illnesses.

Maha Rudra Kriya (mild online version) is more effective than basic Rudra Kriya because it includes self enquiry technique which allows you to introspect within.

However, the complete version of Maha Rudra Kriya which includes intense Kriya Yog techniques also, is not available online, because it requires a special kind of environment to be initiated into and that is the most effective among all these techniques. (Initiation happens in the Himalayan meditation camps).

Please note: Above mentioned techniques are not meditation itself but preparatory steps which help you to enter meditative states, because meditation is not an act which can be done.

Meditation automatically happens when there is no movement in mind.

The best way to get full benefit of this powerful kriya, is by complete dedication.

No need to analyse the process or anything, simply go with the flow.

Sit in any comfortable posture and keep your eyes closed.

May the blessings of Maha Rudra Kriya shower grace on you...

For best results follow this recommended schedule of 40 days: 

Guided Meditation Program (click here)

If possible, please practice these meditations in the same spot every day. Keep the spot clean and if possible, while practicing meditation light an eathern lamp/ candle and incense sticks near you, like people do in temples or sacred spaces, which will help you connect more with the divine true self within.

Please note: 

To download the meditation for free please mention "0" (zero) in the amount section or you can contribute any amount for our cause.

We have noticed that many people have this attitude that they do not give much importance to things which are easily available for free, however they sometimes miss the opportunity to transform themselves.

Although, this basic meditation is available for free, however we have decided that all other Guided meditations will have some nominal fee. (For example : Go deeper - Guided meditation)

If you would like to contribute any amount to help us in our mission: "Authentic Spirituality accessible to all" you can enter any amount as per your wish.

Your contributions can help us create a sacred space for sincere seekers of truth, who cannot afford accommodation and food.

FREE download is available here:

Maha Rudra Kriya in English Maha Rudra Kriya in Hindi
महा रुद्र क्रिया के 7 दिनों तक नियमित अभ्यास के बाद आप इस ऑडियो गाइड को हफ्ते में एक दिन जरूर सुनें:

ईश्वर प्राप्ति और आत्मज्ञान - ऑडियो गाइड

People from overseas who want to contribute to our cause, can use PayPal instead of this platform

Payments from outside India: 

PayPal id :

Or click here : PayPal 

Please do not forget to mention your  WhatsApp number as well as name of the  specific guided meditation, so that we can differentiate your transaction from other donations.

Unless we have this information, it will obviously be understood as any other donation.

May you live a blissful life!



  1. Please send me the Google pay A/C details so that I transferred money

  2. Thank you! I used to have meditation class when i was in school. Today i did Maha Rudra Kriya & felt the same peace again after more than a decade. Thank you so much!

  3. I do Dhyana regularly and practicing Maha Rudra kriya I experienced more peace within me. It would be more if I do dhyana in a place like Himalayas.

  4. Its amazing. I wish to do the advanced course too. Let me know how I can do that.

  5. Can we practice maha rudra kriya during periods too?


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