Online Guided Meditations 2023 for relaxation, stress relief, sound sleep, healing, spiritual growth and positive energy

Free and Advanced Guided Meditations for overall well-being, overcoming fear, anxiety, depression and spiritual growth

Online Guided Meditations by Paroksh Yogi Community

After each download you will receive an email from 'instamojo' within 5 minutes,which will have the link to download the audio files. (Please check all your email boxes including promotions, social, etc. because email might land there based on your email settings)

People based outside India:

Instead of downloading each meditation one by one, you can download all the below mentioned guided meditations in one go here :

We recommend you to follow this schedule of guided meditations :

Step 1. Beginner Level Meditations

For next 7 days, Listen to "Maha Rudra Kriya" (empty stomach in morning or 4 hrs after meals) and "Effortlessness Guided meditation" anytime of the day and "Deep sleep guided meditation" while going to sleep.

A) Maha Rudra Kriya (FREE Guided Meditation)

B) Effortlessness (FREE Guided Meditation)

C) Deep Sleep & Cleansing of mind (FREE Guided Meditation)

After following the Step 1 for 7 days you can move to Step 2.

Or if you want to apply for our Free Himalayan camp directly, you should continue Step 1 for 40 days non stop. After that please share your progress with us so that we can guide you further and you may be eligible to apply directly for the free Himalayan meditation camp described in Step 5.

If you cannot come to camp and want to continue online program please start Step 2:

Step 2. Intermediate Level Meditation

Continuing the same schedule of Step 1, along with Maha Rudra Kriya replace effortlessness with "Go Deeper Guided Meditation*" any time of day and Deep sleep meditation before going to sleep for next 7 days

Go Deeper (Deep Guided Meditation)

Step 3. Intermediate Level Meditation

After 14 days along with Maha Rudra Kriya replace Go deeper meditation with "Completeness Guided Meditation" anytime of the day and Deep sleep meditation before going to sleep.

Completeness (Deep Guided Meditation)

Step 4. Advanced Level Guided Meditations

After completing above mentioned schedule, you can either apply for Free Himalayan camp or those who are unable to attend the meditation camp, can listen to below mentioned advanced level audio guides:

Self Realization Guide (learn more)
(Audio guide only for sincere seekers)

Note: You can practice these guided meditations anytime during the day.

*People based outside India, please scroll down to the last section of this page to download.

Please listen to 'Self Realization Audio Guide' (approximately 2.5 hours long) once a week. However, last 1 hour of this audio guide has a deep guided meditation, which can be practiced anytime during the week.

If possible, please practice these meditations in the same spot every day. Keep the spot clean and if possible, while practicing meditation light an eathern lamp/ candle and incense sticks near you, like people do in temples or sacred spaces, which will help you connect more with the divine true self within.

Please contact the community on and share your experiences after 21 days, for further guidance.

Those who only want to practice step 1, please complete a cycle/Mandal of 40 days and then contact us for further guidance, however we recommend to practice all the steps.

Although 'The Self Realization Guide' mentioned above is a complete & comprehensive audio guide, however we have other advanced audio guides for specific purposes :

Rudra's roar

You can get all Guided Meditations of Step 1 to Step 4 here

Advanced guided meditations are only for sincere seekers of true self and you can get all the above mentioned guided meditations by:
  1. 'Rudra's Roar' 
  2. ' Kalpshakti - Law of attraction' 
  3. 'Stress free life'
  4. 'Audio Guide on Self Realization'
  5. 'Completeness'
  6. 'Go deeper guided meditation'
  7. Effortlessness
  8. Maha Rudra Kriya
  9. Self Enquiry guided meditation
  10. Deep sleep and cleaning of mind meditation 

Step 5. Himalayan Meditation Free Camp Uttarakhand : Level 1

After following the step 1 of free meditation program for 40 days non-stop or after following all 4 steps properly, you can apply for the free camp and based on your progress and experiences, the yogi community may invite you to the Himalayan Silent Meditation Camp in Uttarakhand.

Please note - Above mentioned steps and guided meditations are mandatory requirements/ prerequisites before applying for the Himalayan meditation camps and we select candidates based on our selection process.

If you have already followed the steps described above of free meditation program for 40 days, you can apply for free meditation camp by clicking here.

May you live a blissful life!



Free Meditations for Hindi speakers:

ईश्वर प्राप्ति और आत्मज्ञान

Maha Rudra Kriya in Hindi:

Here people have shared their experiences of practicing our guided meditations:


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