[Online Version] Himalayan Meditation Programs - Level 1 : Peace and Clarity, Health & Well-being

Entire content of Himalayan Meditation Camp Level 1 is now available as an online meditation program.

We received many email requests from those who can not attend our Himalayan Meditation Camp in Uttarakhand for various reasons like pandemic situation, cost of flight tickets, transportation, accommodation, food, visa issues and many types of other reasons.

Most of them wanted that the content of Level 1 Meditation Camp should be made available as an 'Online Meditation Program', so that you can attend this program at the comfort of your home without spending thousands of bucks in travel etc.

As we are not tech savvy, we took technical help of Mighty Himalayas team and together we have prepared an online program which is now available.

Now available :

✅ Complete recordings & meditations of The Himalayan Meditation Camp Level - 1

✅ Free access to all guided meditations of the yogi community.

✅ Exclusive Guided Meditations not available anywhere online.

✅ Learn how to balance 5 elements in our system.

✅ No selection procedure, hence anyone can apply

✅ After completion of this Level 1 program, you 'may be' selected for level 2 Himalayan Camp Nainital, based on your receptivity.

✅ Email support for further guidance & queries after the program.

Apart from above mentioned program, New online meditation programs are now available:

1. Health improvement 

2. Well-being (obstacle removal related to career, relationships, etc.)

May you live a blissful life!



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