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We are glad that you have interest in spirituality, Himalayan yogic culture and meditation techniques.

There are millions of brothers and sisters throughout the world, who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, without any hope of finding mental peace. 

Many of them, who are struggling with tough times, are sharing their queries and problems with us through emails. And we are glad that we were able to bring a ray of hope in their lives.

If you want to attract happiness and well-being in your life, please start 'giving back' to the society in any form.

Any form of selfless service will transform your life in many ways, because what you 'give' to others, comes back to you in abundance.

If you find anyone who needs free guidance or any help, please share our email address and website with them. You may also share our free guided meditations with those in need.

"Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust" is a non profit trust registered in Nainital, Uttarakhand with registration number : IN-UK99727048019307S and we are helping people in need via free guidance, consultations and meditations.

For more details, you can write to us on:



Your contributions can help us reach more people in need and create a sacred space for sincere seekers of truth, who cannot afford accommodation and food.

Your help towards this cause will be greatly appreciated.

Payments from Indian accounts:

UPI id : ahamshoonyam@indianbk

For credit/debit card you can use this link:

If you prefer NEFT/ Net banking here are the details:

Name: Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust
A/c no : 50535435578
IFSC : IDIB000N523
Indian bank, Nainital
A/c type : Current account

May you live a blissful life…



  1. I am working in Japan want to meet Guruji and be his disciple. Can I get a call from guruji?

    1. For this small self Guruji has always been present in different forms to endow his teachings to prepare us and to enable us to realize his blessings.

  2. Hello Sir, I have subscribed for this site. Is there anything else to do to join the community and get enlightened with knowledge?

  3. Is this possible that I have met but could not recognize him because of my unstable emotional state?

  4. I have already shared your websites to many of my friends and well-wishers too. I found your organization to be a selfless one so recommended your channel on You tube too.


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