How to get in touch with Shri Paroksh yogi community of Himalayas?

Get guidance from yogis of Shri Paroksh yogi community (telephonic/online)

You can get in touch with yogis / yoginis of Paroksh Yogi Community on phone/zoom calls.

Participants will be allocated a particular time slot based on availability on a particular day and yogis/ yoginis will speak to them privately online on zoom call for 30 minutes.
As you might already know that yogis of Shri Paroksh yogi community live an anonymous life and interact with very few people, but they have agreed for these sessions to guide people in the path of spirituality.
You can utilise this valuable time for better clarity in life, spiritual questions, guided meditations, seeking blessings for spiritual growth etc.

How to apply for private session with yogis?

Spiritual seekers can register for this opportunity by contributing a nominal offering for the construction Shiv Shakti temple & monastery* and by sending an email to with the subject as “telephonic session with Yogis” and in the email please mention:
Why would you like to connect with yogis/yoginis of the community?” 

As this will be a part of a fund raising initiative for the construction of  Shiv temple & monastery, contribution amount for this opportunity will be minimum ₹501 INR or ($8 USD) or you can increase the amount if you would like to contribute more for our cause.

If you have already completed our L1 (Peace & Clarity Meditation Program) online or at camp, you can directly apply without any contribution.

Your contributions can help us create a sacred space for genuine seekers of spirituality, who cannot afford accommodation, food and want to dedicate their lives in spiritual practices.

*All your contributions will go towards the "Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust" registered in Nainital and funds will be utilised in temple, monastery and other social services.

Please use these details for your contributions:

Payments from Indian accounts:

You can use this link:

If you prefer NEFT/ Net banking here are the details:

Name: Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust
A/c no : 50535435578
IFSC : IDIB000N523
Indian bank, Nainital
A/c type : Current account

Currently, we are not accepting donations from outside India, however people based outside India can also participate in this program through our organisers (Mighty Himalayas) as a service using this PayPal link 

Step 1. Contribution (using above links.)

Step 2. Send email with screenshot/ reference.

Step 3. We will send a zoom invite.

May you live a blissful life…


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