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Who is Shri Paroksh Yogi?

Paroksh yogis are a group of Himalayan yogis who prefer to stay unknown / anonymous but they are spreading the knowledge of how to live a blissful life.

Our Guru ji said :

"Real Guru is already within you, we just help in letting you get connected to your real Guru."

What does Paroksh means?

Paroksh means anonymous, which is not apparent.

Himalayas are famous as a spiritual abode for yogis from ancient times who leave all their acquired identities.

The word 'Yogi' comes from the Sanskrit word 'Yog' which means 'ultimate union with the source/ the creator/ the cosmic consciousness'.

Hence, Yogi means one who has become one with the cosmic consciousness. (The ultimate non-dual union)

Paroksh yogi means, a yogi who does not let any identity stick to him or her.

Paroksh yogi is not itself a name of a particular person, it simply means being an anonymous yogi and people call such yogis with many names like gumnami baba, benaam yogi etc.

There are many anonymous yogis in himalayas known by various names and they have not much interest in coming out in public.

Guruji says:

"Spiritual theories only confuse people, hence they need real techniques, so that they can experience the truth themselves instead of believing in the theories that never work."

Nowadays many people casually call themselves spiritual, but spiritual means beyond the physical dimension. Real spirituality only starts when you experience your non physical self.

'Yog' doesn't work in a casual approach, yog and meditation techniques need committed people and committed environment.

The reason we are sharing this information here is, those who are feeling lost on spiritual path should not loose hope.

There are many “hidden dormant seeds” in the society who just need a rainfall to sprout (if you know what this means).

Initially, our Guru did not want us to create a website, or share posts on Quora, YouTube or Facebook. But when some students shared data of suicides, depression, anxiety and stress in the world, he allowed us to create content (anonymously) which can help them.

The best way to find an enlightened guru is by a focused desire to know yourself.

Your own fire of hunger to know your true self will cleanse your mind and prepare you to be guided by the divine conciousness present within you.

A realised Guru is basically a higher form of your own true self. 

When you are focused & ready to dig inside, your higher self will manifest itself into a Guru for you!

You can practice our preparatory meditation techniques and attend our meditation camps, which will help you transform your life:

Himalayan Silent Meditation Retreat Camp by Paroksh Yogi

Sincere spiritual seekers can join this community and spend days, months or whole lifetime practising meditation, yoga and ultimately realise the true self, away from the chaos of life in seclusion in the Himalayas.

For sincere spiritual seekers, some members of Shri Paroksh yogi community have registered a non profit trust named ‘Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust’ (Registeration number: INUK99727048019307S) one of the spiritual seekers has donated a land in Nainital, Uttarakhand to construct a Shiv Shakti temple & a monastery to make it a high vibration place for seekers to stay in the deep meditative states for longer periods of time without external disturbances.

With Shiva's grace, this upcoming temple lies in the same belt of 79° longitude in which several sacred temples like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Panch Kedars, Panch Badri, Jageshwar, Rameshwaram, Tirupati, etc. are situated.

This place is for all those people who want to practice meditation and evolve in the path of spirituality and explore their inner dimensions.

To join our spiritual community, here are the mandatory preparatory steps that need to be followed :

A. Either complete 'Step 1' of our 'Free online Meditation Program'  schedule for 48 days (which has 2 free guided meditations), OR
Complete all '3 steps' of schedule for 21 days (which has 3 paid guided meditations).

B. Share your experiences with us.

C. Send answers of our questionnaire.

D. If selected, you will get an invitation from us.

Click here for more details on how to join Himalayan camps.

Donations for Shiv Shakti temple & Monastery for spiritual seekers

Your contributions can help us reach more people in need and create a sacred space for sincere seekers of truth, who cannot afford accommodation and food.

Your help towards this cause will be greatly appreciated.

Payments from Indian accounts:

You can use this link:

If you prefer NEFT/ Net banking here are the details:

Name: Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust
A/c no : 50535435578
IFSC : IDIB000N523
Indian bank, Nainital
A/c type : Current account

May you live a blissful life…



  1. मैं आपने बताए जैसी साधना कर रहां हुँ!माह पुर्व से!उसके 10 साल पहले मैंने विप्पशना 2बार किया है ध्यान कर रहां हुं मगर कन्टुनिटी नही थी पहले मैं टिचर होने के कारण काॕन्सन्ट्ंटेशन तनाव ऐसे कारणो के लिए ध्यान करता था अब मै मेरे बारेमे सोचने लगा हुॅ| मै कोन हुॅं| मैं पे अवेरने स बढा २हाँ हुॅ| रमण महर्षी निसर्गदत्त महाराज ऐसी किताबे पढ के जिज्ञासा बढ गई | शोध जारी रखा है | भगवान कब मुझे रिएला झेशन कर देगा मालूम नही | आपकी कृपा होगी तो भगवान की ही कृपा होगी | मेरे दोष ये है ' की मेरे पास कोई श्रद्धा किसी गुरू के प्रति नही है ऐसा लगता है क्या करूँ ?सच है तो बता ही है |

    1. बस गुरुवार में ईश्वर को देखिए ।और श्रद्धा रखिए परमात्मा स्वरुप गुरुवार पर।

  2. Maharidra kriya is a powerful meditation tool but instructions are in English. It will be more beneficial if available in Hindi also for Hindi speaking people and also for people not knowing English. Guruji, Please try to make available Hindi version of Maharudra kriya.

  3. i am a lost but excited electron with a very tight orbit.running in circles ...need help

  4. I am blessed to have realized his silent presence all throughout this life despite what seemed like hell at certain times and which has converted to a living paradise.

  5. Today is my very first day to venture on this website. The Lord definitely knows the reason. ................ On path to realize the Lord of Infinity........... to accomplish some holy tasks in this Birth.

  6. i have bee in this path for a few years having followed my husband who was very much into this. having lost him recently it seems i am also lost. i want to follow this path and realize myself so that i can come out of the cycle of birth and rebirth. there is only dukkham in this world and the more materialistic you become the more sorrows chase you. i am in search of a guru who can guide me. they say when the student is ready the teacher arrives. maybe this could be my destination.

  7. I have been, over many decades, trying to get blessed with a good and easy method to meditate. Would be extremely grateful and feel blessed if this turns out to be the one to guide me.


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