Special Event : Maha Shivaratri Online event

Private Zoom Call Session with Yogis of the community

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Himalayan Silent Meditation Retreat by yogis of Shri Paroksh Yogi Community & Online Meditation Program Details :

(A step by step schedule)

Himalayan Silent Meditation Retreat
(2021 Upcoming dates)

Self Realization Guide
(Complete audio guide only for sincere seekers)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have been practicing meditation by hearing Maha rudhrakriya every morning.

    Positive vibes to you!

  2. Pranam..
    I have followed the full schedule of online meditations for nearly two months now and adrently for last 21 days..
    As a next step and also to go deeper I am craving to be a part of meditations conducted at the centre..
    Will be sending the filled questionnaire.
    Much gratitude for appearing as a teacher when I needed the most..

  3. Absolutely a new comer at the age of 55. Don't know even ABCD of the truth I am looking for. Though Theist to all extent. How do I move forward ??


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