A little cell in my body once became egoistic...
She said I am the most important part of the body.
She had an illusion that she has a separate identity.
When the last moment came she ‘realised’ no one has a separate identity.
The whole cosmos is a living organism...
Everything is just happening and we are taking it too seriously while playing a small part...
We all are "one" like the different cells in a body.
Finally, the little cell felt liberated and took it's last breath in peace...
Now she knew, only our little "assumed identities" die, like a wave dissapears in an ocean
...she disappeared and became everything.
-Paroksh Yogi


  1. We are same a tiny drop in this ocean. The pane who realised the true path becomes one with God.

  2. Seems like an interesting presentation. Attracted me towards it. Let us hope things take positive way from here.


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