When and where is our next Silent Himalayan meditation camp 2021?

Himalayan Silent Meditation Camp and other programs: 

Due to pandemic situation, all future dates mentioned below are not confirmed yet, but you can enroll for private Telephonic Sessions with meditation experts of Shri Paroksh Yogi Community or download the Self Realisation Guide:

Upcoming dates of meditation camp:

A) Drops of Bliss* (1 Day program)

Dates -

1st day of every month.

B) Peace & Clarity Meditation camp - L1*

Dates -
2nd, 3rd & 4th day of every month

*Note: Entire content of Himalayan Meditation Camp Level 1 is now available online. Please scroll down to the last section to enroll.

C) Glimpse of the infinite Meditation camp - L2*

Dates -
6th, 7th & 8th day of every month.

D) Advanced Meditation Camps - L3 to L7*

(Only for selected participants from L2 program - on invitation only)

Dates will be shared with selected candidates only. 

Meditation sessions are free of cost, however you would have to bear the cost of your local transportation, accommodation and meals. (Our volunteers will help you with the contact number of the camp organiser to arrange these facilities)

What kind of people do we expect in our programs?

We only invite people who are sincere spiritual seekers which is revealed by the questionnaire.

Casual seekers are too full of themselves and full of borrowed knowledge (from books, videos etc.)

Usually they are not ready to accept that so called spirituality they know has not worked for them, because their vessel is already full, leaving no space for divine.

Spirituality is for empty vessels - Once you are empty, divine will fill it up automatically.

All techniques of Yoga and Meditation are not about learning new things, it is about ‘un-learning’ the trash which was gathered since birth.

Divinity is already inside you waiting to be explored, but you have covered it with layers of trash (unnecessary memories, ego,identities etc.).

Your thoughts are just smell of that trash…

We simply help in cleaning that trash.

Rather than wasting time on casual seekers or those who are identified with too many things, we focus on people who are receptive, who do not waste time on judging others and who are ready to surrender their fake ego to something way bigger than you can imagine.

May you live a blissful life…


How can I change my life within the next 10 minutes?
As a beginner, how do you meditate? Should I think a lot or nothing during meditation?
Are there any spiritually enlightened people living today?
What is it like to be in the presence of an enlightened person?
What is it like to reach enlightenment?
What is the wisest thing you learned in life?


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