Questionnaire for Himalayan meditation camp

Questionnaire for Himalayan meditation camp

Please answer all the 9 questions and email it to

(Please make sure answers are honest and not made up.)

1) Describe yourself.
(Include -  Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, City, marital status, profession, hobbies, likes, dislikes and anything you want to share about yourself)

2) What do you know about spirituality, meditation & self realization?

3) What do you want to achieve in life?

4) If you are going to be blessed soon, what would be your one wish, on completion of which you can completely focus on spirituality?

5) Have you learned meditation or any spiritual practice before, if yes from where?

5) Why do you want to learn meditation?

6) How did you come to know about our community?

7) Why do you want to attend our meditation camp?

8) Share your experience of all 3 steps of 'Online Meditation Program*' in detail. Those who have completed Online L1 (Peace & Clarity program) and applying for L2 please share your experiences of L1.

(We will give preference to people who are eager to help others by spreading awareness and would really appreciate if you can share your experiences in detail in this link also, so that those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts get inspired to practice our free meditations, which can prove to be life saving for them.)

9) In which month you want to attend the program?

Due to large number of applications for free camp, waiting period may be more than 1 year.

  • Completion of 'Online Meditation Program' is mandatory and prerequisite to apply for the meditation camp in Uttarakhand. If you have not completed it yet, you can enroll here: Online Meditation Program
  • Due to large number of applications we are receiving each day, only selected candidates will receive a reply from us within 10 days. It won't be possible to reply all those who are not selected.
  • If you do not get a reply from us within 10 days, that means unfortunately you were not selected, however you can practice guided meditations for next 48 days and apply again with new answers of our questionnaire. 

May you live a blissful life




    Anand TibileNovember 8, 2018 at 8:44 AM
    मैं आपने बताए जैसी साधना कर रहां हुँ!माह पुर्व से!उसके 10 साल पहले मैंने विप्पशना 2बार किया है ध्यान कर रहां हुं मगर कन्टुनिटी नही थी पहले मैं टिचर होने के कारण काॕन्सन्ट्ंटेशन तनाव ऐसे कारणो के लिए ध्यान करता था अब मै मेरे बारेमे सोचने लगा हुॅ| मै कोन हुॅं| मैं पे अवेरने स बढा २हाँ हुॅ| रमण महर्षी निसर्गदत्त महाराज ऐसी किताबे पढ के जिज्ञासा बढ गई | शोध जारी रखा है | भगवान कब मुझे रिएला झेशन कर देगा मालूम नही | आपकी कृपा होगी तो भगवान की ही कृपा होगी | मेरे दोष ये है ' की मेरे पास कोई श्रद्धा किसी गुरू के प्रति नही है ऐसा लगता है क्या करूँ ?सच है तो बता ही है | मै टिचर हुॅ .|नाम आनंद तिबीले

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am keen in doing meditation at your center.
    I have been doing anuloma viloma for last 3 months with meditation.
    I m finding calm mind and body.
    Yes for last eight month i m also doing yoga ...loosening,surya namaskar and asanas.
    Please suggest when to do the next course and course details with fees.

  4. a self seeker @ 60 years .
    spirituality is self seeking with a calm mind with introspective intrinsic thought.
    solace, peace and tranqual thought process
    delve deep into self - soul search
    inner transformation
    getting into the crux of soul searching
    B... peace and clarity camp

  5. Namaste, I have sent answers to the questionnaire via email to ahamshoonyam@gmail com, is it okay to send it at that email id or do we have to send it elsewhere?

  6. मैं हूँ बहती-सी जलधारा
    अनंत काल तक थी सुषुप्त धरा में
    अब है अनंत से मिलने की चाह

    मैं ही गंगा शिव-सहस्रार से उतरी मूलाधार धरा पे।
    अष्ट पुरों से बहती मैं सर्पीले पथ पे।


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