What is Love? A beautiful explanation by Shri Paroksh yogi ji

Once a seeker asked paroksh yogi ji :

"What is love? How to deal with a breakup? Why loving someone causes so much pain?"

He said:

"If love is causing pain to you, that cannot be love. You are confusing your 'desire' as your love. Pain is because of your own unfulfilled desires."

I was present there and listening this conversation, then guruji said some beautiful lines, which changed my life too...

"True love is not about your selfish desires. Love is like mesmerising fragrance of a flower which spreads everywhere but flower expects nothing in return. You can say you are in love when you are feeling like..."

After saying this sentence, he closed his eyes, took a deep breathe, exhaled very slowly in relax mode, gently smiled and said :

"My love for you makes me so complete, that I don't need even you anymore...

First I dissolved in you and became you, then even you merged into love 

Now, only love exists, only love exists..."

I was right there when he uttered these golden words and tears of bliss came out from my eyes.

That seeker took sometime to understand what he meant by it (specially the last two lines).

Later on I explained it to him that he was referring to his love for the divine due to which he has become one with love and this explanation of love is applicable everywhere.

Love has no boundary because it is limitless, hence instead of opening a small window for someone, let's demolish the whole wall and love all.

Become a flower and spread the fragrance; become a sun and spread light everywhere without any discrimination.


Aham Shoonyam


  1. I am 78 years old. Although I have read several Hindu holy books, such as the Gita and some others, I find I am still attached to worldly things. I have been initiated at the Ramakrishna Mission some years ago and I do mantra japa twice daily, my mind still wanders and I am not able to focus it.
    Due to advanced age, attending a spiritual camp in the Himalayas (although attractive) will be difficult for me. I am otherwise in good health.
    What spiritual activity would you recommend for person like me which will steady my mind and eventually lead me to realisation? Also, would it be possible to have a darshan of Guruji in a town such as Delhi ?
    I will greatly appreciate some help for spiritual direction in my life.
    Best regards


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