Realised beings of Himalayas: How Aham Shoonyam Jogi met Paroksh yogi ji?

Realised beings of Himalayas:  How Aham Shoonyam Jogi met Paroksh Yogi ji? (in his own words)

I can share an interesting story about how I met Shri Paroksh Yogi ji (a realised Himalayan Mystic)

When I met my guru in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand India, I had preconceived notions about how a “realised guru” should look like or behave.

I used to consider my self an expert in spirituality by reading advance level scriptures & books.

My Guru destroyed all my borrowed knowledge and made me realise that “spiritual ego” is the worst kind of ego and a strong barrier in the path of spirituality.

If you want to progress in spirituality, leave your so called knowledge aside and meet the enlightened master like a blank canvas.

Honestly, a true guru or master would not make you learn new things, but he will use some smart & wierd techniques to help you un-learn all the trash you have learned since birth.

Once, I went on a trekking expedition in Himalayan region and a local guide was with me.

At the base, from where the trek was supposed to start, me and my guide were having our breakfast.

At the food stall, a sadhu was also sitting on a nearby table who was making his chillum (pipe used for smoking marijuana)

After a few drags, he asked us where we were headed to and we started a conversation.

Guru ji also came after some time in his car and joined us.

Interestingly, as soon as the sadhu saw his car arriving he stopped smoking & kept his chillum aside (probably out of respect).

Later on during the conversation, I was boasting off my knowledge about deep spiritual aspects like : How we all are ‘one’ and everyone is one single God (ahambrahmasmi, shivoham etc.)

I was surprised to see, that few moments ago sadhu (being high) was talking non stop about spirituality but after arrival of Guru ji, he was only listening and I was on the talking mode.

All were listening to me silently, except Guru ji who was busy on his mobile and he was smiling too.

It annoyed me a bit, because his smile was making me feel like a fool, however I am not sure whether he was smiling because of my talks or something else.

I asked him: “It looks like you are not interested in such conversations. May I ask, are you an atheist?”

He smiled and said:

“I am interested in everything”

Sadhu intervened : “Guruji is like bhole nath. He knows everything, but he talks less and listens to all.”

After a few days and many conversations, I came to know that although he lives like any modern man would live, but he is a realised being.

Initially, I was sceptical for quite some time when he was teaching me certain meditation techniques.

I used to visit his campsite quite often to practice meditation.

I realised that in his presence when I used to meditate, I used to feel an intense feeling in my spine and sometimes I used to feel shivering in my body.

One day, I was meditating and as soon as he arrived my upper body started rotating mildly on its own, as if there is some earthquake.

After meditation I asked him why is it happening?

He said:

“Your energies are moving upward and when you progress from one stage to another it happens. Don't bother about it and focus on the kriya.”

No one is a resident meditator in his campsite because he doesn't have those facilities, but we go there often for meditation camps.

After many months, one day I touched his feet to take his blessings and for the first time he applied his thumb in my forehead in the Aagya chakra.

I felt an electric current in my whole body and I started crying for no reason.

It felt as if something was transmitted from his body to my body and that was the ‘moment’ when I came to know who he is.

There are many things which I will not reveal because certain experiences are personal and not meant to be shared.

Now, when I think about this incident, I first met with him, I feel so ashamed that I was such an idiot in front of such an enlightened being.

Even that sadhu knew about him, hence he stopped talking in front of him.

He doesn't make anyone his disciple easily, because he only wants committed people around and not the casual seekers.

He denied all our requests of going to public by coming up in front of media etc. stating that he doesn't want any such drama and when the time will come he would prefer to take samadhi without telling anyone.

I believe that is a beautiful way to live & go.

I have not mentioned his name or location here because he says, a seeker who is ready for the next step will find his/ her guru easily and I respect his privacy.

He is not like any traditional guru and encourages us to live with family because that is more challenging.

The best part is, he doesn't offer same solution for everybody.

He says there are many types of meditation techniques and based on the type of person he offers the technique accordingly.

How I convinced him to accept me as his disciple is a different story and I might share it in future.

He has a clear instruction for me, although he allowed me to share my experience publicly after several requests, but I have to remain anonymous and I love that.

Because being his followers, we are away from the temptation of being famous.

Nowadays, many people claim to be enlightened and start commercialising spirituality by just reading few books.

The question is, are they sharing the knowledge which they got ‘experientially’ or they just read about it?

He says:

“You shouldn't consider yourself spiritual, till the time you are still seeking pleasures outside. It also doesn't mean that you should leave everything & live in the forest.

Live like all other humans in the world, but become so blissful inside that outside situations doesn't mean anything to you. 

When 'who am I?’ becomes a burning question and you are ready to die now to feel it, then you can call yourself spiritual.”

Now coming to the question, how to identify the enlightened master?

Honestly, you cannot identify a master easily, unless he himself wants to be identified.

They are free from any kind of identity and usually they do not claim to be enlightened.

But my guru says, a free man can do anything he wants and there can't be any stereotype.

Sometimes I used to feel, if I would not have gone for that trek, I would have missed such a life changing experience.

But now I know, it was meant to happen hence I was there, nothing is coincidence in this cosmos.

The reason I am sharing this information here is, those who are feeling lost on spiritual path should not loose hope.

There are many “hidden dormant seeds” in the society who just need a rainfall to sprout (if you know what I mean).

Although I will not give any specific information about these yogis, but I can tell you how you can make yourself so capable, that you will attract your guru in your life soon.

Which might happen where you live or your guru might attract you to their place (believe me they can easily do that…)

Here is your mantra:

The best way to find an enlightened Guru is by a focused desire to know yourself.

An enlightened master is basically a higher form of your self.

when you are focused & ready to dig inside, your higher pure self will manifest himself into a Guru for you!

I can't reveal more.


Aham Jogi (अहम जोगी)

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Does anyone have experience with Lord Shiva?
As a beginner, how do you mediate? Should I think a lot or nothing during meditation?
Can you use an unusual or unheard of analogy to explain spiritual path and spiritual enlightenment?
What is it like to reach enlightenment?
What is the wisest thing you learned in life?


  1. Once The great Himalaya will call me.

  2. My Humble Pranams to Guruji

    Very interesting and clear guidance to Spiritual Seekers.

    Shall try and follow and wait for Guruji to come into my life and take me to the next step in my spiritual journey.

    ananth rao


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