Stress Free Life - An Online Guided Meditation Program 2023 | by Paroksh Yogi Community

Welcome to Stress Free Life (Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Depression)

An Online Guided Meditation Program 2021

Experience a calm & blissful mind (best for stress relief, anxiety and depression)

We received requests from many people regarding a meditation program for those who are not yet ready for difficult grade meditation techniques or those who are not able to attend our Himalayan meditation camp.

We have decided that occasionally we will record some guided meditations immediately after any deep meditation session will be completed, so that the meditation teacher can record the guided meditation while being in a meditative state.

This can greatly help the listener, because if the listener is receptive enough, he/ she can experience the meditative vibes by simply listening to it.

We will be using simple mobile devices for recordings, hence please do not expect studio level sound quality.

If you are practicing "Maha Rudra Kriya" or "Go Deeper Guided Meditation" daily, this added method will make the experience more strong, but please maintain a gap of minimum 4 hours between Maha Rudra Kriya and this technique (or any other method you follow).
To get the maximum benefits, please listen to this guided meditation without any pre conceived notions, judgements, likes or dislikes.

Simply listen to it and go with the flow...

Your contributions can help us create a sacred space for sincere seekers of truth, who cannot afford accommodation and food.

However, if any 'sincere seeker' really cannot afford to pay the minimum nominal fee due to financial problems, that person can write to us explaining the reason in detail and if we will be convinced, we might arrange it to be sent for free to those people.

Apart from this audio, please follow this schedule for best results:

Online Meditation Program

If possible, please practice these meditations in the same spot every day. Keep the spot clean and if possible, while practicing meditation light an eathern lamp/ candle and incense sticks near you, like people do in temples or sacred spaces, which will help you connect more with the divine true self within.

People from overseas are requested to use PayPal instead of this platform 

PayPal id :

Or click here : PayPal 

You can send your WhatsApp number and use PayPal to pay minimum $4 USD (or above as per your wish)
Once we receive the confirmation, we will send it to you via WhatsApp.

Please do not forget to mention your  WhatsApp number as well as name of the  specific guided meditation, so that we can differentiate your transaction from other donations.

Unless we have this information, it will obviously be understood as any other donation.

People from India can download from here:


  1. I feel so blessed to have heard the audios of online guided meditation which I have been practicing daily since past two and a half months. I can express what it means to me . I have started to experience my true self.i just hope that someday I will be able to control my mind for some more time than what I can do now.Thank you so much!


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