What are some of the best life tips? By Paroksh Yogi Community

Some tips for a happy life

Lets start by asking yourself: 

WHAT do you really want in life? Be absolutely clear about it.

Most people have no idea what they are searching for.

Dig deeper within you and make a list of all the things you want in life.

If you would have no clarity regarding your goal, how can you ever reach there?

Without any goal all your efforts will be in different directions, instead of the ‘one’ direction which goes towards your goal.

What is it, which really matters to you?
WHY do you want it?

Now, the time is to ask yourself a big WHY?

Why are you running in a rat race of this competitive world?

Why do you want those things you mentioned on your list?

If your list consists of your dream car, dream house, dream job, a business of your own, dream life after retirement etc. WHY do you want these things?

Is it for a happy, peaceful and satisfied life?

A life where there is nothing more to achieve, wherein your restless mind can ultimately have some rest.(sukoon)

Is this not what everybody wants?

From a poor beggar to the richest man on earth, regardless of what objects they are chasing, what they really want is - a happy & peaceful life!

Even a terrorist, would say I want to kill people so that I can go to a so called heaven and live a happy life there. (May they rest in peace soon)

Some good people want to do social service by serving others because this fills their heart with ‘satisfaction’ and ‘happiness’. (They have created their heaven right here)

If you think about it deeply, you would find that all the restless minds on this planet are directly or indirectly ultimately searching for some rest (in form of satisfaction, peace and happiness)

A restless mind can never be happy.

Now, please check your list of goals again.

Suppose, you have been given a choice :
Live a happy life now! 


All the things in your list will be fulfilled in future, but it will come with a deadly disease.

What would you choose?

This is not to scare you, but this happens with many people.

Most people are so busy in running a rat race, that unknowingly they are ruining their health.

To live a happy & peaceful life do you really have to wait for some imaginary future?

Do you really know, ‘how long' will you live?

Are you absolutely sure that you will be alive tomorrow morning?

HOW to live a happy life?

This you can learn from small kids, because they do not need any reason, any goals or any list to be happy.

You were also born happy, that is your core nature.

Happiness is your “natural state”, but you have covered it with unwanted things.

This whole ‘concept’ of chasing a happy life in future, once I will have this and that, is hidding your natural state right now.

Drop this ‘concept’ right now and you will experience the unlimited happiness within you, here & now!

I am not asking you to drop your list of goals or stop planning for future.

But, your happiness shouldn't depend on that list of desires.

You can be happy now and still perform your duties or fulfil your dreams.

Imagine, your productivity when you are completely happy within and performing your duties with full dedication.

Some would say, if I would be happy & satisfied now, I would not have the passion to achieve my goals. Hence, I should live a dissatisfied and unhappy life, so that I can chase my dreams with passion.

Do you really think this is logical?

In India, there is a place called Golden Temple (Amritsar), if you ever get a chance, go there and see the volunteers who are serving thousands of people everyday.

They are very happy and satisfied people, still they are very passionate to do whatever tasks they have been given to serve others tirelessly.

What is driving them? what is their motivation?

Hence, it is just a lame excuse of your mind that you should live a dissatisfied life to bring passion to achieve your goals.

In fact, a happy & satisfied mind would be much more creative & productive for daily tasks.

Feel ‘gratitude’ for what life has given to you so far and you would start noticing the ‘fragrance of happiness' within you.

‘Maintain’ this feeling of ‘thankfulness’ and this will remove the unwanted cover of unhappiness from your mind, which in turn will uncover your “blissful natural state!”
Nothing is more important than your peace of mind & happiness

Have you ever noticed people only get attracted towards someone who has something valuable to give?

It can be humor, love, care, smile, knowledge, money, peace or anything.

Why would you ever get attracted to someone who is like a beggar, who only wants something from you and does not want to give you back anything?

If you really want to be liked by people around you, then stop being a beggar and start giving anything you can. (It can be as simple as a smile, love etc.)

We discussed above, that in essence everyone is searching for happiness, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, right?

Hence if you will be happy, peaceful and satisfied, your very presence can make people peaceful around you.

People would want to be in your presence without knowing the reason behind it and you would be “feeling so complete” within yourself that you would not need anything from them in return.

You will be overflowing with happiness, hence you would be able to share it as much as you can. 

Even if someone takes out few buckets from an ocean, would ocean mind it?

This completeness is your natural state and this is also an ‘indicator’ whether you are moving towards your ultimate goal of blissful life or you are moving away from it.

Do not try to become like someone, be the best version of who you are.

Pure bliss!

Aham Shoonyam


  1. I blessed to read this content today.Nowadays we are living a running life without spent time to think. what we really want in life and who make mind calm.
    Thanking guru ji valuable message

  2. Beautiful and simple explanation of life!

  3. I enjoyed every line of this content. Very simple but effective explanation. Thank you so much for putting this.

  4. Thank you so much, I cried like anything reading this, I really really want to know more, want to dig deeper, how can I make this my daily life, how can I reduce my time I give to professional life as there are a lot of commitments in professional life.

  5. Simple and invaluable advise


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