Fragrance of Himalayas Meditation Retreat Camp by Paroksh Yogi Community Uttarakhand India 2021

Fragrance of Himalayas Meditation Program - Spiritual Getaway for a peaceful mind 

Fragrance of Himalayas Meditation Retreat Camp

If you have already completed 'Online Meditation Program', it is not mandatory to do this program separately, because same guided meditations are used here, however you get an opportunity to practice them in Himalayan region which has a greater impact.

This program is for you, if you relate to this statement :

“I simply want a calm & peaceful mind to grow in my career and personal life. I would love to rejuvenate, dive within and connect with my inner strength.”

Nature camping with guided meditations in a ‘peaceful high energy place' (without any meditation teacher - All Guided meditations of 'Online Meditation Program' will be sent through WhatsApp)
Please note: There will be no instructor or teacher available for this program (only representatives of camp organiser MHETCLUB will be present). And this program is not conducted in the main location of Paroksh Yogi Community.

There are options of multiple locations in Uttarakhand and Himachal based on availability.

Guided meditation with instructions will be sent online in an audio format, which you can listen to on your mobile, while you are in the himalayan camp.

Peaceful natural areas are selected for this program that greatly helps in diving into meditative states.
For this nature camping, you can go with family and kids also, but please make sure that you take out time for meditation, without any disturbance.
You can choose any date as per your convenience and availability.
Want to apply? : 

Send an email to organisers on and they will share all the details.

Please note - Camp organiser (MHETCLUB) is not a part of our spiritual community, hence they should only be contacted for accommodation arrangements and not for spiritual queries.


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