Karma Yogi Volunteers of Shri Paroksh Yogi Community Uttarakhand

Karma Yogi Volunteers - An opportunity to grow spiritually by helping others through self-less service (Karma Yoga)

Karma Yogi Volunteers

Most people are not really satisfied with their life and this can be a wide spectrum from mild dissatisfaction, frustration, stress, anxiety, anger, to even depression, suicidal thoughts & other mental disorders.
Mission of Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust (Registeration number: INUK99727048019307S) is to reach such people and share some very helpful techniques which can easily help you remove the dissatisfaction from your life.
We are also trying to create a sacred space monastery/ ashram for genuine truth seekers who want to stay immersed in deep meditative blissful states for longer duration in a protective environment without any distraction.
We invite you to join our mission and help us reach more people who really need help, so that they can come out of their sadness and live a satisfied and blissful life.
Self-less service can help you experience the satisfaction of living a meaningful full life.
We are glad that many people have joined us as "Karma Yogi Volunteers", since we announced it on our YouTube channel: AhamShoonyam.
Karma yog is all about ‘self less service' without any sense of doership as an offering to divine as described in Bhagavad-Gita.
We move beyond the ‘self-ish’ acts and get involved in 'self-less' activities for the greater good without expecting any returns.
During the selection procedure for our Free Himalayan Camps (in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India), we give preference to our online karma yogi volunteers who are actively participating in online volunteer activities as described below.
For those who are interested, we are sharing the guidelines here.
First requirement is your commitment towards your own spiritual growth.
Secondly, you will be expected to help others who are struggling in their lives.
Nowadays, stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts etc. are spreading like pandemic and something needs to be done about it.
World Health Organisation data shows that 1 in 4 of world population is has gone through stress and other mental problems atleast once in their life.
According to an estimate, every 40 seconds someone is committing suicide somewhere. This is an alarming situation.
Although, something needs to be done at global level, we are trying to take a small step by offering meditation as a very effective and powerful method to solve such problems.
Everyday we receive many emails from people thanking us for providing these free meditations which helped them come out of stress, anxiety, depression or other problems related to career or relationship issues.
The Step 1 of our  'Online Meditation Program' (OMP) is free of cost and sufficient for most people, who only want some peace of mind (even if they are not interested in spirituality).
Step 1 involves two guided meditations: Maha Rudra Kriya (MRK) and Effortlessness (Both are very effective and available for FREE).
As a volunteer, here are the tasks for you:
1.Practice - As a 'Karma Yogi Volunteer', you should practice at least MRK and Effortlessness guided meditations daily as per the prescribed schedule of OMP.
2. ShareYou will be sharing the website link of OMP with others, but please make sure that you mention only those benefits which you have genuinely felt yourself while practicing them.
Here is the link of OMP which you can share with people:
3. Platforms - Now, the question is where to share the program link?
The answer is, offline and online platforms: It can be on work space, social gatherings, online social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook groups (join groups related to stress, mental issues, meditation, spirituality etc.) Youtube,Twitter, Instagram, Quora answers on relevant questions, or any other platform where you can reach out to people who are seeking peace of mind.
4. Inform - How would you inform us about the accomplishment of your task?
Suppose you made a Youtube video encouraging people to listen to the free meditations, or created an FB post or tweet, please use hashtag #Ahamshoonyam.
Most important aspect of these tasks is to send us emails with all the links of your posts, screenshots in case of whatsapp groups, so that we are aware as to how many people you have helped.
It is very easy to reach thousands of people on online platforms, but try to reach and help atleast 1000 people.
Your mobile number (with country code) will be your unique identification number (UIN), for example:
UIN : +91 987654xxxx
Please quote your UIN in every email that you send to us. We would love to hear how many people you helped.
30 days of your volunteer work will be considered from the first email we receive from you with the links of posts, screenshots etc. Hence, we recommend you to start sending emails from Day 1 it self, followed by weekly emails.
Email idakash@ahamshoonyamfoundation.org

Last but not the least, we request you to only get involved in this self less service program, if you genuinely feel that these free meditations will help people who are unable to calm their mind, or going through stress, anxiety, depression, or if you genuinely feel that it may give a little hope to someone who is thinking of committing suicide.
As per Bhagavad-Gita, in this (kalyug) era of half baked faith and confused intellect, karma yog (yoga of self less service) is one of the most effective way to realise our true self.
Our volunteers will be getting regular spiritual guidance from the community and based on your progress, we may invite you to our Himalayan meditation camp.
Blossom like flower and spread the fragrance of meditativeness.
May you live a blissful life.

Note - You can also support our cause via donations here:

Please use these details for your contributions:

Payments from Indian accounts:

UPI id : ahamshoonyam@indianbk

For credit/debit card you can use this link:

If you prefer NEFT/ Net banking here are the details:

Name: Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust
A/c no : 50535435578
IFSC : IDIB000N523
Indian bank, Nainital
A/c type : Current account

Currently, we are not accepting donations from outside India, however people based outside India can also participate in this program through our organisers (Mighty Himalayas) as a service using this PayPal link 


  1. Thank you for this opportunity. Kindly do let me know if anything else i can do for this cause. There are many farmer suicides in the State of Maharashtra and I would like to do something for farmers to desist them from committing suicides.

    Also people are under stress for repayment of private loan taken at exhorbitant interest rates, we can do something about that too.

    thanks again.

    best regards

  2. Please email us on akash@ahamshoonyamfoundation.org and we can discuss this issue. You are absolutely right, this is a major problem and something should be done about it.


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